Nextgen- The act of being unintentionally creative. The step forward that perpetually propels us into our impending destiny...

Clint and Hayley Kahler are the founders and directors of Nextgen. They are people champions. They thrive in settings both small and large, leading in the apostolic and flowing in the prophetic, empowering people with God encounters that equip them to find their voice in the Kingdom. They have served as leaders in the local church for over 20 years, building, loving, and leading with the heart to create community and see nations impacted with the Presence of God.

Clint and Hayley’s writings have been featured in Charisma Magazine. Clint is also actively writing for Be Fierce Men, and Lead The Kingdom Leadership Network. Hayley produces a teaching series called “Real Life” and they both have been podcasting for over 5 years.

In their early years, Clint and Hayley were immersed in a revival that touched America and the world, seeing and experiencing first hand the power of God moving through the Church transforming lives with signs, wonders, miracles, and manifestations of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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