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Our podcasts champion people. It’s time to let go of competition, short sighted goals, false finish lines, and ask God what He wants to do in our cities. It’s time to collaborate with people and let them be strong. It’s time to step out of the shadows. It’s time to throw off fear. It’s time to let go of our personal preferences. It’s time to lay down our lives for one another. This is why we champion people. Because they were born to change the world. You were born to change the world. Your turn starts now.

We have three podcasts on our channel. Each week we release a brand new episode from one of the shows.

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CarryHeaven ShiftCulture

Clint unpacks key principles of the kingdom with the goal of empowering you to awaken to and partner with heaven’s activity in your own sphere of influence. Released the first Monday of every month.

Hosted by Clint Kahler


OnFire Podcast

We are championing and empowering women to be everything that they can possibly be in life.

Hayley and Alicia are wives, mothers, and mentors to women and ladies in their community. They have a heart to empower women through encounters with the Presence. Released the second Monday of every month.

Hosted by Hayley Kahler and Alicia Roesler


Lead The Kingdom Radio

LTK is a new kind of leadership network. Mitch and Clint talk through powerful kingdom concepts from the Bible that unlock understanding and cast vision. Stay in sync with what Holy Spirit is saying and doing in the earth in our times.

Released the fourth Monday of each month.

Hosted by Mitch Clay and Clint Kahler