E1: The Journey From Pain to Freedom

Friends, welcome to the first episode of Real Life! Today we are setting the stage for the next 9 days. I want to tell you the why behind Real Life and give you an idea of what to expect. I have great hope, that one day we will live in a world where healthy mindsets, healthy relationships and healthy families are so powerful that things like abuse, prejudice and neglect are not the most prevalent things. To get there, requires immense effort on our part to love, believe and educate our children and the world around us.

I am learning that healing from abuse is a long walk. To all of the ladies out there, I SEE YOU. I see you when you are afraid and alone. I see you when you meet your abuser in public and your whole body responds to the trauma. I see you in your anger, and I see you when the shame comes and speaks lies to you. I see you, and I know. I reach out my hand and I hold yours.

I promise you that there is hope and there is help. Just allowing Jesus to be there with you can be hard. Letting Him sit with you in your pain and access that place is the first step. It is hard, emotional and painful. Sometimes it steals your breath and makes you feel like your chest is being crushed. But He will breathe for you. He will take you on a journey of healing that is beautiful. He will restore hope, peace, beauty and wonder where it has been lost. You are strong, and you are enough. And on the days that you feel like you cannot continue, remember that I see you, Heaven sees you, the rest of the world is full of women that see you and understand. You are a beloved daughter, and you will win!