E6: Healthy Boundaries

Healthy families are one of the greatest instruments God has to impact and change the world. So what do we do when the family, or community that we were born into is unhealthy or dysfunctional? There are certainly times that God will bring healing and restoration through us. Other times, though, we must draw a healthy boundary line. We cannot be responsible for the past, or patterns of dysfunction that have developed over generations. However, we can be responsible for what is right in front of us. We can reset the standards for the family units in our homes and for the relationships we have. We have the authority and even the responsibility to say, “From here going forward, we will operate differently”. We can personally pursue health and wholeness in our own hearts, which will lead to healthier connection with the ones we love.

So what does that look like practically? I believe it means setting an immovable standard of love, connection and emotional health in our own families. It also means finding people with like hearts and “adopting” them into our life. It is finding community with others around us, and doing life with them. People we can commit to learn and grow with. People we can commit to champion, and who will champion us. It looks like family movie nights; float trips, park dates and pizza. It looks like cups of coffee and laughter. It looks like dreams being shared and encouragement given.

The truth is, that if we are lacking in healthy family and community, we can make the effort and build it. When we are intentional about doing this we set a pattern of abundant life in motion. That pattern will repeat itself and grow for generations the same way that patterns of dysfunction were allowed to grow for generations. When we belong with one another we find out who we really are. We champion each other and life becomes so much richer.
Find your healthy community. Find your healthy family. Build one if you have to, and change the world together!