E5: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an interesting thing. I spent a lot of years in my life repeating “I forgive them” over and over out of fear. I think the majority of believers approach forgiveness that way. “If I don’t forgive, Jesus can’t forgive me”. But the reality is that we cannot walk in real forgiveness if our motivation is the fear of hell.

Forgiveness is a beginning, not a destination. Even the work of the cross and the blood of Jesus cleansing us, is the beginning of our journey with Him. When we choose to walk through the doorway of forgiveness we are committing to a journey. One where we leave what people “owe” us behind, and we pursue wholeness in Christ.

I believe that one of the most powerful expressions of forgiveness is to draw a line in the sand of your life and move forward. Releasing someone who has abused you, and living a whole life is so redeeming. When we do that, we remove from future generations the legacy and consequence of dysfunction! That my friends is so powerful!